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About Us

The Flutterby Fund is a therapy centre and a charity which aims to help children with special needs from low income families access Equine Therapy. 


We have moved!

We have moved to a new premises in October 2023, where we are excited to be able to offer Equine Therapy. Our new centre is based in Cadnam on the edge of the beautiful New Forest national park.

We work with children who have with a wide range of different physical or mental disabilities from 0-19 years of age.

We are able to provide help with funding therapy for children from low income families. We have a range of different vouchers also available to purchase or we offer pay as you go sessions. 

We hold many different types of fundraising events such as a Summer Ball, Halloween parties, Easter egg hunts, BBQs, Christmas parties and more.

Our Story

Aleksandra noticed when Sophia was just 6 months old that her development was delayed. At 2 years old she was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, and her parents were told Sophia would probably never walk. Aleksandra decided to take her to Poland for a year of intensive therapies, including Vojta, Sensory Integration and Speech Therapy. Seeing the therapies available in Poland, Aleks came back to the U.K. with the idea of opening Sophia's House - a centre where many therapies were accessible in one place. At the age of 9, Sophia was finally diagnosed with CTNNB1 syndrome - an incredibly rare condition - and she continues to flourish with the help of her amazing family, therapists, carers and school.

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Therapies We Offer

Hippotherapy (Equine Therapy)

Hippotherapy is a method of psychomotor rehabilitation that takes place with the participation of horses. It can be used at any age, but it is used especially in the rehabilitation of children and adolescents. For the youngest, contact with a horse is often an irreplaceable source of help, so it is worth learning about the possibilities and benefits of communing with these animals. Thanks to hippotherapy, it may be easier for patients to overcome their fears, build bonds, express their emotions and communicate with the world. Rehabilitation through hippotherapy helps not only children struggling with autism, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, but also with abnormal gait patterns or after amputations.

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Applying for
The Flutterby Fund 

To see if you are eligible for funding through The Flutterby Fund a private assessment must be carried out by the therapists at the Flutterby Fund. You will also be asked to complete a Funding Application Form and provide the relevant documents for evidence. This includes 3 months of wages to calculate gross income, Carer’s Allowance, Tax Reductions, Housing Benefits, Universal Credits, savings etc. However, please be aware we do not ask about DLA, as this money is for the child.

Your limitation is only your imagination. We would like to introduce our lovely Sam. Sam is 10 years old with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and please let us tell you how amazing and clever this young man is this is promotional video was for our Summer ball 2022 and he created the whole video. We are so proud of him. 

The Flutterby Fund 2022 Ball Video

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