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"The greatest happiness in the world lies on the horse's back"


What is Hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is a method of psychomotor rehabilitation that takes place with the participation of horses. It can be used at any age, but it is used especially in the rehabilitation of children and adolescents. For the youngest, contact with a horse is often an irreplaceable source of help, so it is worth learning about the possibilities and benefits of communing with these animals. Thanks to hippotherapy, it may be easier for patients to overcome their fears, build bonds, express their emotions and communicate with the world. Rehabilitation through hippotherapy helps not only children with autism, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, but also with abnormal gait patterns or after amputations etc.


"learning to walk without walking"

Supporting balance and coordination

Increasing self-esteem

Developing social contacts


Sensory Feedback


Muscle strengthening


Calming and mood enhancing effect



Welcome to The Flutterby Fund Equine therapy centre.


We are very excited to be opening our service at our new premises, growing our wonderful Flutterby Fund family.


We are very passionate about the joy, experience and therapy that horses can provide to people with special needs and mental health disorders. The therapy is also known as Hippotherapy.

Staff & volunteers

The staff are trained to BHS (British Horse Society) standards, and all volunteers will have training and be DBS checked. Staff are also trained in safeguarding and first aid and have DBS checks done.


Our yard

The centre is at a beautiful yard at Cadnam.  We have several ponies and horses of different heights and all love to be groomed and cuddled.

We have a large building where we have a family waiting room and reception area, as well as a safe secure garden area. We have a fenced school arena with a viewing area, where riding sessions will be given.



Visitors or parents / carers of visitors will need to complete an assessment form and disclaimer before sessions can start to ensure the needs and wishes of the visitors are met. The yard is insured and licensed, and have in place the relevant policies, procedures and risk assessments. Sessions will be planned for each individual visitor and progress be will celebrated.  

We very much look forward to seeing you at the centre soon!

Meet the team

Our services

Sessions are aimed at different levels of experience, and we will encourage and support progress in those sessions. For families on low incomes, the charity aims to support sessions through our fundraising and donations. For people in receipt of direct payments, and those with EHC plans may also be able to get funding for equine therapy. Walk outs from the yard will involve some road work on quiet lanes with qualified staff.

All sessions can be delivered on a 1-1 basis, or a 2-1 depending on the individual, their needs and riding ability. Group session of similar riding ability would be a max of 2 riders to 1 instructor.

Sessions can also be put together to make the visit longer.

Riding lessons

On lead rein with 2 adults

Off lead rein with 1 adult

Group Lesson (up to 3 Children)

On lead rein with 1 adult

Off Lead Rein with 1 adult

Hack out-  walk & ride (off rein only)

Hack out-  walk & ride (off rein only)

Dressage Academy Lesson

Jumping Academy Lesson

Pink Sugar

Meet Our Horses

The other horses on the yard.

We have 2 other horses on the yard- Shadow and Molly. These horses are not for Flutterby Fund us however you may see them in the fields when you visit the yard. 

Take a look

Get in touch

The Flutterby Fund,

Old Pollards Moore,

Newbridge Road,



SO40 2NX

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